SCIENCE CLASS #4- How to Waterproof Your Hand

Lots of juicy demos relating to surface tension! NO CLASS THIS WEDS!! I'm filming one of my normal monthly videos that day. Back on Friday though!!

Go check out Dianna's awesome channel-

CHALLENGE- float as many paper clips as you can and then come up with a creative way to ruin the surface tension and have them all sink. Tag me on any social media with your responses.

Question for next time- How do astronauts weigh themselves when they are floating and weightless.


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    Thanks for attending! Remember, no class on Weds because I'm filming a normal vid but we'll be back on Friday with a super juicy one!

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    1. 23? 2. Water goes up and sidewayscuz there’s no gravity? 3. Also for the pepper experiment I used milk so you can se it better

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    Mark, your videos are fantastic thank you. You did leave out an important factor with water going up the trees: transpiration. The evaporation of the water out the pores of the leaves creates a pull like sucking on a straw and pulling the water out of the tree. Cohesion and adhesion assist in this, but will not alone cause the water to climb high enough, it’s the pull from the top, the tension at the top working with the two forces That causes the upward movement of water. You probably already know this but I thought it was important point to share. Thanks again for your inspiring work.

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    For what it's worth: I think you'd be a great high school science teacher but I think your skills, personality and passion would be of a greater value outside of the constraints of our standard education systems. Please continue to educate hundreds of thousands of children AND adults by making videos online or via a similar medium. Spend your time there instead of in a standard classroom.

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    I have a question. Does cohesion and adhesion occur in substances other than water?

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    Absolutely love this, would totally have liked science if you were my teacher when I was in high school or even college! Would love to see better lighting though, it’s so dark compared to your regular videos. Congrats on all your success, your truly an inspiration to learn and grow, and of corse to catch sticky fingered morons who steal packages!

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    they might use ropes to create the exact pull like the one that earths gravity puts to weigh themselves in space

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    I think they could weight them self by spinning to make artificial gravity then try to match earths gravity

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    Question: i broke several bones in my hand and had reconstructive surgery, there was massive swelling. When i started PT i noticed that the skin on my hand was ultra water proof like teflon. Its been this way for months now. Do you know why??

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    My uncle used to put soap in the water tank where the cows drank to keep the ducks out of the tank. It broke the surface tension. The ducks would sink so they stayed out. I guess it was better for the cows to drink a little soap than duck crap. We also put soap on the hill in our front lawn. We had a lot of clay in the soil. The water would run off. The soap broke the surface tension and allowed the water to soak in.

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