Using Drones to Plant 20,000,000 Trees

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Thanks to my friends at Discovery Channel for helping us find Arbor Day in the first place and then capturing all the footage for my video. They are absolute champions to work with I've got some really cool projects coming up soon.

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Thanks to Carlyle tools for giving my workbench tools a seriously needed upgrade!

If you want to learn more about C02 in ancient ice, check out this great video from Dr. Joe Hanson at It's OK to be Smart-

0:28 - On My Way - Tom Goldstein
3:27 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
4:42 - Dive - Lvly
6:27 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
9:16 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
11:13 - Q - Blue Wednesday
12:22 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak

Summary: The internet challenged Mr. Beast to plant 20 million trees. That is a really hard thing to do. So we banded together all our SLthrow friends and started . Basically we partnered with Arbor Day and got them to agree that for every $1 we raise, they would plant 1 tree.

MERCH (all proceeds go to Autism Speaks):
They are soft-



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  1. Mark Rober

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    If SLthrow doesn't allow for donations in your area just go to to donate!!! WE GOT THIS!!!!


    RYAN CHAN JAY EN MoePred 11 dnevi

    Mark Rober: We got this Me: you can't even restore 1 day's worth of trees that are cut down in a few years?

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    Mother Nature

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    You gotta think that we cut down 20 million trees a year for Christmas trees

  7. Ahmad Habib

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    I hope after this you make a video for the people suffering in P@L.ES.TIN.E because what's the use of all that oxygen if we do not have humans to consume it

  8. Stick Boi

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    There's one solution build tree houses instead of cement houses

  9. Akaroa Motutere

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    Your net worth is literally 1/4 of the target 20 million trees. You do it!

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    This Video was one day after my birthday and one day before my oldest brothers birthday!

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    did you know trees breeth o2 in the night time xheal carbin di xoi

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    Mark can just teach me anything in like 2 seconds better than any teacher!

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    The whole time mark was talking I was wondering what mr beast was doing lol

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  19. Albert Shmitten

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    How come 1000 seeds costs $12 on Amazon but you've still only planted 7million which therefore costs less than 500k... a lot less than that 25 million you raise. What did you guys do with the other 24 million dollars? The world wants to know.

  20. Kiptyn Hammel-Millard

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    Hi mr beast

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    4:05 the guy running in the back "im famous"👁👄👁

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    It’s like avengers infinity war

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    Can I still donate? Or after almost 2 years I missed the opportunity? 😅

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    youtube is just gonna be like " Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet. "


    MOOSE ME RILEYPred 9 dnevi

    dude, your tree carbon explanation helped me with my science project

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    i watch one mark vid n learn as much as 1 year of school

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    Full send


    RYAN CHAN JAY EN MoePred 11 dnevi

    To restore our earth, we need eco-friendly products and plant 5.7 trillion trees per year. so, I would like you to never-ending plant 15 billion trees per day or 5.7 trillion trees per year

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    The music is nice 😊

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    Don’t show this to the robot Who know what they will do if they know how to plant a tree

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    1 down. 19 million, nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine more to go.

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    People: you can't plant 20 milion trees! Mark: hold my drone

  35. Albert Shmitten

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    7 million trees were planted, 100 saplings can be bought for $2, they pocketed the rest. They got 24 million dollars and spent 500K max on the trees. They made tens of millions of dollars.

  36. Soap eater

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    Its like few year and how much he has like 60m sumthing

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    Alternate title: air raiding the ground to plant trees

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    It's a Mrbeast video but hes 237Iq

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    Roblox simulators be like:

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    Mr Beast and Mark Rober, my favorite yt's teaming up.

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    Oh hi Mark and mrbeast

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    But 2020 said SIKE! and ruined our life for ever.......

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    I just can’t believe that in a year team trees raised $21M dollars!

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    I donate 100 eollers

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    Why can the gov just do this same thing after wildfires and stuff


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    Imagine making a seed gun and using one of those clips

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    when you plant a tree in your garden then you watch this video

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    Great content, as always. Just one thing : in the sequence starting from 10:49, you were blurred when the background was tack-sharp. Better switch your camera to manual focus mode, then adjust to your very position by hand, so it doesn't focus on the vastest subject in the frame (the forest) but stays on you and your position. Or get me for filming ! 🤩

  67. Emko 12

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    why not going for a 2021 mission for 50 Million trees ?

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    Follow up? It’s been a year. How many trees actually grew from drone seed?

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    This time do 50m trees

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    you guys have raised 21.5 million bucks and its June of 2021 you guys can stop donating unless the extra 1.5 million trees were planted

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    Now if there was just some kind of yearly tradition where family's could go out to a designated spot and plant a tree per family member we'd all be set! *cough Earth day cough*

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    Trees also store carbon for a REAAALLY long time. When a tree is cut down that carbon leaks up into the air and contributes to climate change. Fun fact: Forestry and agriculture make up %24 of all green house gass emmisions. Don't underestimate trees and don't deforest.

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    7 million trees were planted, 100 saplings can be bought for $2, they pocketed the rest. They got 24 million dollars and spent 500K max on the trees. They made tens of millions of dollars.

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    1 tree = 1 phat gus house

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